A poem on Dialogue

One day I asked myself, what is the most magical form of communication?

I searched deep into my soul

for an answer,

And this is what I found:

“The Dialogue”

I tried to put this magical communicative energy into words:

In order to experience genuine dialogue;
We have to be honest to our deepest self;
Release the energy the ego incarcerates;
Accept diversity as the essence of life;
Open op to the communication of the heart;
Acknowledge rationality as a helpful instrument,
but also as a limited and sometimes fragmented domain of perception;
Start hearing the silent intuitive voice,
Recognize the breath of life as the unifying energy
that connects us all to everything;
And then…
The co-creation of meaning can take place;
The interplay between listening and speaking;
An emerging dance of healing;
At the end of process,
we will speak with
the same voice…

(November 2, 2009: 11:34 pm)

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