Research areas that fascinate me are:

The ‘Digital Turn’ in Social Sciences and Humanities (DH) in general, digital methods and the opportunities digital data offer to cultural and social research. The intersection of Society, Politics and Technology. Sociology of Associations (Actor Network Theory), Social Network Analysis (SNA) Sociology of (New Media) Technologies and Internet Studies. In specific the study of public involvement online: issue and controversy mapping and forms of political sociality on social media platforms.

At the moment I’m working on the following:

– Doctoral Research Project: ‘Facebook Publics and Issues’

I’m a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (ASCA), in specific within the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam.

– ‘Sociedad, Technologia y Participacion Civico’ (Society, Technology and Civic Participation)

One of the research lines the Faculty of Arts and Science focusses on is ‘Civic Participation’.  I contribute to this research line by studying how social media platforms enable or disable the dynamics of civic participation.


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