A sweet brainscattered daydreamer

A world full of ideas…

not all yet nicely structured.
Ideas are energy,
they vibrate and all of them have their unique vibrating feeling.
All pieces of possibilities, someday maybe’s, wishes, high purpose dreams,
other times more materialistic caprices,
often forgetting that everything is decay,
except for that ultimate everprocreating feeling: love.
All kinds of flowing potential creating energies…
all waiting there…
in the keepsake of my soul,
in those two always integrated rooms;
The brain and the heart,
sometimes I can find the corridor that connects those rooms to each other,
other times I just forget their always interconnected to one another.

The sun is slowly rising at Seroe Colorado

A poem on Dialogue

One day I asked myself, what is the most magical form of communication?

I searched deep into my soul

for an answer,

And this is what I found:

“The Dialogue”

I tried to put this magical communicative energy into words:

In order to experience genuine dialogue;
We have to be honest to our deepest self;
Release the energy the ego incarcerates;
Accept diversity as the essence of life;
Open op to the communication of the heart;
Acknowledge rationality as a helpful instrument,
but also as a limited and sometimes fragmented domain of perception;
Start hearing the silent intuitive voice,
Recognize the breath of life as the unifying energy
that connects us all to everything;
And then…
The co-creation of meaning can take place;
The interplay between listening and speaking;
An emerging dance of healing;
At the end of process,
we will speak with
the same voice…

(November 2, 2009: 11:34 pm)

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